It was during the final of the J-Bay Open, on the east coast of South Africa, that this incredible scene unfolded. Indeed, the Australian surfer, Mick Fanning, was attacked by a great white shark during the live on television. The predator threw himself at the surfer and we can, moreover, clearly see the fin of the beast approaching Fanning from behind in the broadcast. Mick Fanning was then resting on his board and could feel a movement under his board. Noticing the predator behind him, he quickly kicks and quickly climbs onto his board.

In the video, the surfer is seen disappearing in a huge splash. This horrifying scene did not leave the crowd unmoved as people immediately reacted with screams and whistles. For his part, the commentator directly motioned to the other surfer to get out of the water. Fortunately, Fanning resurfaces and takes cover as jet skis come to his aid. Much to everyone’s relief, the 40-year-old surfer comes out without injuries.

“I’m happy to never compete again”

Mick Fanning, three-time world champion, spoke after this terrifying ordeal. “I was about to start moving and I felt something catch on and get caught in the rope of my leg,” he said. “I instantly jumped away and he continued to grapple with my board. I started kicking and screaming” he continued before concluding with “Dude, I’m happy. to never compete again. Seriously, to get away from that. I’m so happy. “

Less than a week after this event that could have turned into a tragedy, Fanning returned to the water. He surfed again while dedicating this action to his late brother. Note that this breathtaking sequence was filmed in 2015. Only, it resurfaced following numerous shark attacks in Australia recently.

Mick Fanning © The Sun

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