Suicide of Landon Clifford: drugs, depression … His wife tells about his terrible descent into hell

Behind his image of a happy family man, which he regularly posted on social networks but in particular on the YouTube channel he shared with his wife Camryn, Landon Clifford was hiding heavy fights for his mental health. On Friday August 28, days after announcing the death of the 19-year-old, the YouTuber and mom revealed the true causes of his death in a video shared on Cam & Fam, claiming that her beloved committed suicide. in the garage of their home. On a daily basis, “he suffered from anxiety and depression” but also from attention deficit disorder (ADHD). “He had had mental health issues for as long as I knew him,” Collette and Delilah Clifford’s mom recalled. And more particularly since his childhood.

“He’s always struggled with his emotions,” Landon Clifford’s wife continues. To treat himself, the deceased trusted a psychiatrist who had prescribed three drugs for him. “Kind of a deadly mix” for his wife, two of these drugs being “very strong” and addictive. Gradually, the YouTube star fell into “a vicious cycle” by following this treatment every morning and evening. Mechanism that only plunged him further into addiction. “He kept taking more and more and needed more for his body to feel the effects.” Result his marriage to Camryn Clifford was affected. Separated for a few weeks and left to join their respective families, the lovebirds reunited for the birth of their second daughter, Delilah, in May 2020.

Camryn Clifford did everything to save him

Three months later, and more precisely on August 13, 2020, Landon Clifford’s mental health was still at its worst. Discovering him unconscious in their garage, Camryn Clifford did everything to save his life. The young mother took a knife while calling for help. They then managed to revive him. Taken to hospital and declared brain dead, Landon Clifford breathed his last on August 19, 2020, after six days in a coma, leaving a family – followed by more than a million subscribers on YouTube – devastated.

She came out of the silence © Instagram Capture

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