Suicide of Benjamin Keough: what his autopsy report revealed

Three months ago, Benjamin Keough ended his life. On July 12, Lisa-Marie Presley’s son and Elvis Presley’s grandson committed suicide at just 27 years old and after years of depression and struggling with his addictions. “She is completely broken, inconsolable and beyond devastated but tries to stay strong for her 11-year-old twins and her eldest daughter Riley. She adored this boy. He was the love of her life,” confided a relative of the then mother of the young man. Three months after the news of the death of Benjamin Keough, who now rests with the King, his autopsy report was released. Elvis Presley’s grandson killed himself by shooting himself in the head while his girlfriend was in the same house as him. She was also the one who found the young man’s body in the bathroom.

According to the medical examiner, Benjamin Keough had cocaine and alcohol in his blood at the time of his suicide. Six months before this terrible day of July 12, the young man had already tried to end his life then had spent three weeks in rehab. For years he suffered from severe depression and spent entire days locked in his room. According to a relative of the family who confided in the columns of the Sun, Benjamin Keough felt “lost in life” and struggled “in the shadow of his grandfather”. “He was depressed, he didn’t really have an education, a job or a passion. It’s heartbreaking. Ben was a force, an incredible child,” he continues. On October 12, the young man was buried in a very symbolic place for his family.

He rests with his grandfather

He was “buried in the Meditation Garden at Graceland”, a residence once owned by the King located in Memphis, Tennessee. Lisa-Marie Presley’s son was buried very close to his family, “his great-grandmother Gladys, his great-grandfather Vernon”, but also and above all alongside this grandfather whom he did not has ever known, Elvis Presley. A terrible disappearance for this mother hen. After her son committed suicide, she decided not to return to the house where he killed himself. “They were already grappling with the mold problem and now Lisa does not want to come back, told a relative of the singer to the Sun, She is too distressed and never wants to live again this morning.”

Lisa-Marie Presley and Benjamin Keough © Instagram

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