The 10-year-old girl, Isabella Tichenor (Izzy), committed suicide last November in the United States, in Utah. The family’s first theory about this action of the child was related to his skin color as well as his autism. Only, a new investigation at the initiative of the Department of Education revealed other facts. This little girl would have received derogatory remarks from both her classmates and her teachers, according to CNN. “Research showed that several classmates and teachers allegedly told the child that she smelled bad and needed to take a shower,” the outlet said.

“Issues of skin color, disability and poverty sometimes overlap and when they do, can further complicate already difficult situations. It can be very difficult to separate them from one another,” said explained the investigators in charge of the case. The reports also confirm racist facts. “When a student told Izzy she needed to wash her hair, that comment could have been motivated by racial animosity, could have been a casual comment, or could have been a covert insult about poverty,” indicates the report.

The school failed in its role to protect Izzy

Little Izzy’s mother had previously made accusations that the child was being bullied at school. However, the school took time to investigate the matter. This same survey had shown that school employees did not see harassment in the same way. This explains why this type of problem was not taken seriously within the establishment.

Isabella Tichenor’s mother claimed that her daughter was being insulted because of her skin color. A classmate also allegedly told him he had a gun. While sending condolences, the Davis School District said in a statement that it is carefully considering the report’s recommendations. “We take this seriously. We are committed to continuing our ongoing and extensive efforts to foster a welcoming environment for all students in the Davis School District,” the statement read.

Suicide of a little girl in the United States: this derogatory remark which would have motivated her crazy gesture © Pexels

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