Rachael, pregnant with her first child at 32, decided to delay her surgery for skin cancer in order to give birth to her son safely.

Rachael Rollisson is 32 years old, she is pregnant and has skin cancer. A few years ago, the young woman noticed a mark on the right side of her forehead, but thought it was simply a birthmark. Later, she begins to worry when she realizes the spot stays white while the rest of her face turns red when she exercises. And, when she becomes pregnant for the first time and her mother discovers skin cancer, Rachael decides to have herself examined. There, the diagnosis is devastating.

After the birth of her son, she has surgery and ends up with a huge scar on her forehead

Just a few months pregnant, Rachael learns that she has basal cell carcinoma – the most common type of skin cancer. It’s a shock for her, who has always been very careful about her exposure to the sun. But after being diagnosed, Rachael faces a long wait of 9 months before having surgery. It is out of the question to agree to surgery while she is pregnant. The cancer then spreads. “I kept thinking how much more he could grow,” Rachel told the Daily Mirror. “I knew that the larger the affected area, the bigger the scar would be.” But her baby’s health comes first.

After the birth of her son, Rachael was finally able to have surgery. The doctors inject him with an anesthetic in his forehead, and remove the cancerous skin. “They managed to have it all at once,” says the mother. “When I came out of the OR I was upset because the scar was so big… but I was just relieved to be safe now.”


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