A 38-year-old man has been left stunned after discovering that the breathing problems he had suffered from for years were caused by a tooth growing in his right nostril.

Mike*, a 38-year-old man, had been struggling to breathe through his nose for several years. He then makes an appointment in a clinic, and assures the doctors that he has never suffered from facial trauma, nor from any abnormality. But after carrying out thorough examinations, the doctors discovered something surprising. Mike told his story in the columns of the Daily Star.

One of his teeth pushes inside his nose

At the hospital, Mike undergoes a rhinoscopy. A tube is then inserted inside his nose, to see what is hidden there. It was there that the doctors tending to him found a white object lodged deep in his nostril. A hard, non-sensitive white mass… a tooth! The latter had grown abnormally from below, and caused the nasal cavity to perforate. “The tooth was extracted during intranasal oral and otolaryngology surgery and was 14mm long. There were no postoperative complications,” Mike’s doctors said. “At follow-up three months after surgery, the patient’s symptoms of nasal obstruction had resolved.”

Usually, teeth that grow in the wrong position end up getting stuck and staying buried in the jawbone below the gumline. “The most common ectopic teeth are the canines of the upper jaw. The main risk is that the tooth may hit the roots of other adult teeth and cause damage,” points out a doctor. Mike’s case is therefore extremely rare.

*Name has been changed


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