Miou-Miou is devastated. On October 18, in the middle of the night, his companion Jean Teulé died. Aged only 69, he succumbed to cardio-respiratory arrest following food poisoning. An investigation was quickly opened by the Paris public prosecutor to determine the circumstances of the writer’s death. The doctor who came to certify the death had thus refused to issue the burial permit. Sad news for Miou-Miou and his family. However, according to information published by Ici Paris this Wednesday, November 9, the investigation has taken a new turn. If it is still in progress, the body of the artist, who had been “placed in the forensic institute since October 18”, was finally “returned to the family, while the funeral was authorized “, can we read. This is good news for Miou-Miou who will finally be able to organize the funeral of his companion. If the date of these has not yet been revealed, this step was very important for the actress who wishes to pay a final tribute to Jean Teulé but also to begin her mourning process.

Miou-Miou said goodbye to his other half. On October 15, the couple spent the evening in a restaurant where they usually go, in the Marais. In this one, Jean Taulé and his companion had “their habits” and they knew exactly what they wanted to take. As Paris Match reported, the author ordered meatballs. The next day, he was sent to the emergency room for food poisoning before being allowed to return to his Paris apartment. On the night of October 17 to 18, it was “in the arms of Miou-Miou” that Jean Teulé died. Died on the spot, the helpers could not do anything when they arrived. According to information from the media, Miou-Miou was able to count on the support of Angèle and Jeanne, her two daughters. “They took turns at their mother’s bedside to try to make her admit the unacceptable”, was it first indicated. “Miou is totally overwhelmed. Angèle and Jeanne support her in this ordeal that affects us all,” said someone close to the family. Miou-Miou had shared the life of Jean Teulé, from whom she was inseparable, for more than twenty years. Both had met at Jean-Pierre Coffe.

Miou-Miou and Jean Teulé: why did they never get married?

In a relationship since 1998, Jean Teulé and Miou-Miou were very discreet about their relationship and did not want to publicize it. If they were very happy and in love, both of them never married. In an interview with Gala in 2020, the main concerned had made some confidences, revealing the reason why she had never married the man of her life: “I don’t need that. We can have in the head the desire to spend his life with someone without having to say it in front of a witness! To tell you all !”. Today, it is without his other half that Miou-Miou must move forward. A daily life that must seem empty to him without Jean Teulé.

Sudden death of Jean Teulé: significant progress in the investigation, sad relief for Miou-Miou and his family

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