Great moment of emotion for the Spanish royal family. On August 30, Princess Leonor flew to Wales where she will return this year to UWC Atlantic College, an establishment located in the imposing medieval castle of Saint-Donatus, about thirty kilometers from Cardiff. A prestigious place for the Crown Princess, who will soon turn 16, who had to say goodbye to her family at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. Accompanied by her sister the Infanta Sofia, but also by her parents Felipe VI and Letizia, the teenager hugged each of them for a long time before leaving for boarding with her suitcase in her hand.

Separated from her eldest daughter for the first time as part of her schooling, Letizia from Spain opted for the occasion for a casual white and cream look, with three-quarter-white pants, a plain t-shirt and a jacket, as well as sneakers. After helping her put on her backpack, the Queen of Spain exchanged a long hug with Princess Leonor, likely whispering a few words in her ear to wish her a safe journey to her new establishment. Very moved, the Infanta Sofia also hugged her sister before boarding, she who is very close to her older sister and until now attended the same school as her.

What will be the daily life of Leonor of Spain?

A few hours after her departure, three photos of Princess Leonor of Spain were unveiled. We see her in front of the medieval castle of Saint-Donat which houses the UWC Atlantic College where the young girl will study for two years to prepare for an international baccalaureate. She will have in particular as a comrade within the establishment Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, while she will rub shoulders with students “of different nationalities and social strata”. She will share her room with three other students and will follow a well-organized program: “Classes start at eight in the morning and end at ten past one, without any exception of any kind (…) The eldest daughter of the king will have to get up early enough to get ready and have breakfast before picking up your books, “said a Spanish media.

Letizia from Spain and Felipe VI with their daughters © AGENCE

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