Stupor! A cyclist attacked with a machete in the middle of the street

British professional cyclist Alexandar Richardson was training in Richmond Park, west London, around 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 7. It was during this training that the cyclist noticed that he had been followed by four men on two motorcycles. The hooded bikers pursued him although he tried to escape with all his might.

“I was finishing my training around 3pm when two motorcycles with four men and balaclavas started following me,” read Richardson’s Instagram account. Sensing the intention of his attackers, Alexandar had decided to rush to a cafe located about 500 meters from where he was. Despite his attempt, he was caught. “They just ran into me at 60 km / h with one of their bikes. I fell off my bike and the first bike lost control. I grabbed onto my bike, but the second bike lost control. ‘dragged mine on the ground for a hundred yards “he continues on Instagram.

Cyclist Alexandar Richardson, attacked with a machete for his bike

Seeing that Alexandar was determined to keep his bike, the hooded bikers pulled out a machete. The cyclist knew from the start that his attackers got it after his £ 10,000 custom bike. Seeing the machetes, Richardson decided to let go of his bike. As a result of this altercation, the cyclist today has cuts and bruises on his knee in addition to a swollen hip. “I’m quite cut and bruised, with a swollen hip, but tomorrow is another day,” he said on his Instagram account.

Alexandar Richardson © Instagram

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