Stunning Letizia from Spain in lilac: she recycles a very colorful outfit

Letizia from Spain visited Valencia on November 30th. Indeed, she attended the 33rd edition of the “Rei Jaume I Awards”. The opportunity for the queen to recycle a very colorful but particularly elegant outfit. She chose a set that she had already worn in 2016, during a stay in Portugal with her husband. It is therefore wearing a coat and a gray dress containing touches of lilac and signed Carolina Herrera that Letizia of Spain has decided to wear for this new outing. She had accessorized her look with a pair of pumps and a silver clutch to complete her outfit. Health crisis requires, the queen wore a surgical mask that she did not wish to match her clothes. She had also opted for a very natural makeup.

As Letizia of Spain posed on the red carpet, Vicente Boluda, the president of the Valencian Businessmen Association fell down the stairs, which quickly panicked the Queen. More fear than harm as the 65-year-old quickly got back on his feet and the photoshoot could continue.

A solo outing

Queen Letizia of Spain honored this solo outing since her husband King Felipe, however honorary president of the ceremony, was not present. The Spanish monarch had to isolate himself after coming into contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19. Thus, he began a period of strict confinement for 10 days during which he continues to work from his offices in the Zarzuela Palace. Yet tested negative a few days later, he still wanted to continue his period of isolation in order to follow the health recommendations to the letter. This is not the first time that the royal family has been in contact with the Covid-19 since last March, a classmate of Princesses Sofia and Leonor had tested positive, thus forcing the whole family to be tested as well. . Same scenario last September since Leonor, the eldest daughter of the royal couple had been placed in quarantine a week after starting classes. The test came back negative.

Letizia from Spain © Dana Press

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