Ignored for weeks, her abdominal pain leads this 17-year-old student to death. The 17-year-old girl died of sepsis. His family continued his boarding school. Taylor Goodridge collapsed and died on December 20, 2022 at Diamond Ranch Academy in Hurricane, Utah, reports the Mirror. A few weeks before her death Taylor complained of “crippling” abdominal pain. Quoted by the Mirror, Dean Goodridge, Taylor’s father believes she suffered from sepsis due to an untreated illness.

Taylor Goodridge’s father has sued Diamond Ranch Academy’s boarding school. The facility was placed on probation by the Utah Department of Health and Human Services following Taylor’s death. According to Dean Goodridge, the school told his daughter to “fuck off”. Officials reportedly thought the girl was faking her pain and just told her to drink some water and take some aspirin. The pains Taylor felt were so bad that she collapsed in her vomit, her father reports.

Her father claims she died of sepsis, not her school

Dean Goodridge is originally from Washington. He chose to send his daughter to this Utah boarding school which specializes in caring for teenagers with major depressive disorder and anger management issues. According to him, his daughter was fit and healthy while attending school. In November 2022, Taylor fell ill and raised her concerns at her school, but was ignored. With parents believing Taylor Goodridge died of sepsis, the boarding school informed Mr Goodridge that his daughter had been rushed to hospital after suffering a heart attack and died a few hours later.

Student in boarding school, she writhes in pain without being listened to, the outcome is tragic

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