Partners in a strong pair move in the same direction at the same speed. It is often said that in a relationship, in its beginnings at least, you should not rush things. It is a good idea to take the time to get to know each other. Something that is not always obvious for one of the partners. This is where the notion of feeling gap comes in. The feeling gap is a kind of gap related to the real feelings that the two partners have for each other.

According to Crystal Cansdale, expert of the British magazine Stylist UK, the phenomenon of the feeling gap is a frequent phenomenon. It results in the fact that one of the two partners moves at full speed in the relationship and falls in love very quickly. The one who rushes impatiently into the relationship is sometimes accused of love bombing, according to the expert. The other partner, on the other hand, takes their time to probe the temperature before actually committing if he or she deduces that the relationship is really worth it.

The man goes too fast while the woman takes the time to observe

This time given to trial and error lasts an average of three months for those who feel the need. Reason for which, one speaks about feeling gap, or difference/ditch of feelings. It’s just a timing difference. And apparently it’s often the men who are always ahead. According to the specialist, “men are likely to make a quick decision”. To avoid the feeling gap and build a solid relationship as a couple, it is advisable not to rush things, for example to limit appointments to once or twice a week at the start of the relationship. It is necessary to get to know each other and assess whether there is the possibility of true compatibility.

Strong couples: what is the feeling gap?

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