If Stromae is very rare in the media and on social networks since he chose to end his career, his wife Coralie Barbier is for her part a tad more active on the Web. On her Instagram account, the Belgian stylist shares a few rare intimate moments in the company of her husband or her son, as was the case this Tuesday, April 6. The young woman, visibly in a nostalgic mood posted a photo of her baby boy born in 2018. The photo seems to date from a year ago if we believe the caption “one year ago” (there is a year). On this one we can see that the son of Coralie Barbier and Stromae has grown up well but also that he already seems to have the soul of an artist. Indeed, the little end was captured by his mother from behind in the middle of a drawing session. A creative activity to which he devotes himself to their heart’s content. A crisp moment that made Internet users melt: “What an artist this little one like mom and dad”, “They are very creative at this age but yours, I think, he will have several gifts that of a famous designer and a of a famous singer “,” Small artist will become great “, can we read in the comments.

A life away from the spotlight

Stromae and Coralie do everything to protect their son from prying eyes. That’s why they never revealed his first name or his face. Young parents are always careful to photograph or film him from behind in order to preserve his anonymity as much as possible. Last June on the occasion of Belgian Father’s Day, Coralie Barbier could not help but share a mini video of Stromae and her son on the occasion of a walk in the sun. A nice moment of complicity which did not fail to delight the fans of the ex-singer of 35 years.

Stromae and his wife Coralie Barbier © BOV

Lara T.
Lara T.

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