A moving sequence … After seven years of absence, Stromae is indeed back! In full promotion of his new album, the singer went on the set of the 20 hours JT of TF1. Returning to his long absence, he explained: “I just needed to live. I was lucky to get married, I was lucky to have a child, who is now three years old. Life touring, it’s great, it’s a bit like summer camps, but we don’t experience normal things. ” Evoking his collaboration with Orelsan, Vitaa or even Bigflo and Oli, the artist added: “It did me good to work for others, because the attention was no longer focused on me, and it is what I needed. ”

At the end of the interview, Anne-Claire Coudray asked the star: “In your songs, you also talk a lot about loneliness, has music helped you to free yourself from it?” In order to answer him, Stromae performed l’Enfer, taken from his new album, in which he evokes discomfort and suicidal tendencies. “Everything I’ve already thought about / To say that many others have already thought about it / But despite everything, I feel all alone / Suddenly / I sometimes had suicidal thoughts and I’m not proud of it / We sometimes believe that this is the only way to silence them, “he sang. After the show, the journalist shared with emotion on Twitter:” A moment that will remain unforgettable for me. And given the avalanche of messages, I’m not the only one … “For his part, Christophe Beaugrand wrote:” Huge television moment this evening at 8 p.m. on TF1 when Stromae answers a question from Anne- Claire Coudray singing. Magnificent sequence shot, unheard of on TV! ”

Huge television moment tonight at 8 p.m. from @ TF1 @ TF1LeJT when @Stromae answers a question from @ACCoudray while singing. Magnificent sequence shot, unheard of on TV! @ThThuillier pic.twitter.com/QRP84C0CVN

– Christophe Beaugrand-Gerin (@Tof_Beaugrand) January 9, 2022

Internet users amazed by Stromae’s performance

On social networks, many Internet users reacted to the arrival of Stromae on the set of the JT of Anne-Claire Coudray. We can read: “We ask him a question and he gives you a live in Masterclass to answer it. A genius”; “Ladies and gentlemen, the crazy talent of Stromae is well and truly back …”; “So well thought out! Clever and damn original promo. Stromae is above the rest, that’s for sure”; but also: “This guy is a genius! He comes, appropriates the JT set in an exceptional way, and creates a moment never seen on television … One word: Respect!”

Stromae © TF1

Lara T.
Lara T.

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