Behavior that raises questions. This Sunday, February 5, took place the biggest musical evening of the year: the Grammy Awards. A great evening in which participated one of the star couples of the planet people: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. But while the cameras were trained on him, the 50-year-old actor did not seem very pleased to be present, unlike his sublime wife, delighted to be surrounded by the big names in music. The astonishing attitude of the actor has also quickly made the buzz on social networks, where his facial expressions, transformed into memes by Internet users, have gone viral.

But this behavior did not escape his wife either, who did not hesitate to express her displeasure when she saw Ben Affleck’s crestfallen face. The television cameras have also captured a very tense exchange where we see JLo remonstrating with her husband. Our colleagues from the Daily Mail even managed to analyze the words they said to each other. “Stop! Show yourself more sympathetic, motivated”, would have declared in particular the singer. To which Ben Affleck would have replied: “I could…”

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Ben Affleck already noticed for his attitude

This isn’t the first time the American actor’s reactions have gone viral on social media. Already in 2016, the famous meme called “Sad Affleck” had spread like wildfire on Twitter. On January 18, at the premiere of the film Shotgun Wedding in which his wife plays, he also displayed a very red face while Jennifer Lopez tried to keep calm.

However, everything seemed to be going well for several months. After dating in the early 2000s and then breaking up, the two stars got back together in 2021. On July 16, 2022, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez finally got married in Las Vegas. The official ceremony then took place in Georgia, in the private residence of the actor on August 20, 2022. Since then, the two lovebirds have not left each other. They notably left together in Paris as part of their honeymoon, during which Ben Affleck seemed particularly moved.

"Stopped !" : Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez filmed in the middle of the cleaning scene during the Grammys

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez © Agency

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