“It’s the most vulnerable thing I can do.” Mickey Sumner, the daughter of singer Sting has made terrible revelations about her son Akira, born in 2016. In an article published on the Romper website, the 37-year-old actress talks about her fight for her little boy suffering from a rare genetic disease. The mother says she had to spend the three weeks following her delivery in a neonatal intensive care unit. The doctors were then unable to determine precisely what the newborn was suffering from: “Akira was misdiagnosed during those three weeks. We were told that he had the Zika virus, that he had microcephaly, that his optic nerve was damaged, and finally, that he had a degenerative brain disease and that he might not live more than 5 years “remembered the daughter of the interpreter of Englishman in New -York.

An ordeal she went through with the support of her husband Chris Kantrowitz, in this: “And that’s where I really admire Chris, Akira’s daddy, because I told myself that we should listen to the doctor, and that his attitude was to say, ‘No. We’re going to find the best specialists, we’re going to go around the planet to find the best’, and he’s gone on a mission, ”explains the star of the Snowpiercer series. This is how the parents managed to find two specialists who gave them less alarming diagnoses: “Yes, your son has a rare genetic disease, and I cannot tell you how his life will be, but Akira did. not a degenerative brain disease and his optic nerve is fine “.

Mickey Sumner learned to cope with his son’s health concerns

If the many health concerns of her son are a great source of concern for Mickey Sumner, she prefers to approach the situation by relativizing: “Akira does not speak, does not walk, he is hard of hearing in both ears. ‘hypotonia and general delays but despite all the things that people say’ misses’ them, he can approach them at a level that makes everyone feel deeply seen and loved. ” she wrote before concluding: “On the days when my anxiety gnaws at me, when I worry about his future, I always come back to this: people feel good in his presence. He’s like a ray. of sunshine. My little radiant sun. ”

Mickey Sumner and his son Akira © Instagram

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