We no longer present Steven Spielberg, successful director revealed with The Teeth of the Sea in the 1970s. On the other hand, we know less about his little family, which is not that small since the filmmaker is the father of seven children: Jessica (1976), Max (1985), Theo (1988), Sasha (1990), Sawyer (1992), Mikaela and Destry (1996). This Wednesday, January 5, it was her daughter Sasha who made people talk about her by posting excellent news on Instagram: she is getting married! The 31-year-old, seen in The Terminal and Licorice Pizza films and also a singer under the pseudonym Buzzy Lee, said “Yes” to her boyfriend, Harry McNally, son of famous New York restaurateur Keith McNally. “My diary has turned out to be true, once again!” Sasha Spielberg said under a photo of a newspaper page that read “Someday I will marry Harry”. A sentence written by the young woman some time ago, “just after their first date”. In heaven, Sasha Spielberg also posted a photo of her ring, as well as a snapshot in full embrace with her future husband, just after having said “Yes”. The latter was not captured by just anyone since, as the young woman says in the legend, it was her father, Steven Spielberg himself, who was secretly filming the scene.

Sasha Spielberg, in love with a musician

The young woman is not the only one to have an interest in music since her future husband is himself a musician. The one who just released the song Papaya has also collaborated on several music videos, notably with Selena Gomez. Last March, Sasha Spielberg said of Harry McNally: “I have met the love of my life who I am currently with. Getting to know someone during Covid is like learning a song. It doesn’t. there is no distraction between us and the person. ” We wish a long life to this young couple!

Sasha Spielberg © Backgrid USA

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