STARS SECRETS: Blake Lively’s tips for a dreamy mane

If there’s one thing we envy about Blake Lively besides her dream figure and acting skills, it’s her incredible hair. Known for the famous Gossip Girl series, the star has a secret of her own when it comes to maintaining her golden mane. It’s very simple, she doesn’t run behind hairdressing salons, but behind her fridge.

But what’s Blake Lively’s secret to having mermaid hair? Well, look no further! The actress uses mayonnaise. Indeed, to give shine and suppleness to her hair, Blake Lively applies homemade mayonnaise on the lengths of her hair to the ends, and that before her shampoo. This avoids the attack of limestone and soap. The star keeps this secret from her mother. She told the Byrdie site: “My mom used to put oil or mayonnaise on half of my hair before washing it. So when she washed it, the shampoo didn’t damage the hair. bottom of my hair “.

Blake Lively: what are the virtues of mayonnaise on the hair?

But what are the virtues of homemade mayonnaise on the hair? Homemade mayonnaise is packed with nutrients for the hair, providing volume and shine. The egg / vinegar / oil combination is perfect for providing hydration.

It’s not just Blake Lively’s hair that makes you dream, it’s also her complexion. For the star, to look good, nothing is better than rest. And even being a star, Blake Lively is a fan of mornings under the duvet. “I find the best way to relax is to take a good hot bath and get as many hours of sleep as possible. Watching cooking shows in bed is also a great stress reliever.” Simple tips to do without hesitation.

Blake Lively © Backgrid USA

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