STARS AND SURGERY. Kylie Jenner: how much did her physical transformation cost?

Kylie Jenner’s physical transformation began when she was not yet an adult: Travis Scott’s sweetheart made her lips, which were very thin, swell, so that they were fuller. Like his sisters. At first, the teenager assured that she was very good at makeup and that it was the result of a clever mix of pencil and lipstick, promoting in the process her makeup brand (yeah)! But faced with the controversy created by this little lie, Stormi’s mother ended up admitting that she had made her lips plump up thanks to her injections. For information, a lip augmentation costs between 300 and 600 euros depending on the amount injected.

Kylie Jenner is much less transparent than her sisters regarding cosmetic surgery … For example, Tyga’s ex assures that puberty suddenly gave her a slim waist, plump buttocks and a generous chest (and the groundhog puts the chocolate in the allium paper …). Many surgeons find it hard to believe it and think that in reality the starlet has had breast implants (5,000 euros), and buttock lipofilling or buttock implants (around 8,000 euros).

What other operations has Kylie Jenner offered herself?

Some think that Kylie Jenner had other cosmetic surgery operations: she would have had her jaw redrawn, her eyes widened or her nose slimmed down. It is quite possible by injections or by pure surgery, but it is also possible to have these results thanks to a good technique of makeup! And the youngest sister in the family never goes out without makeup … So it’s hard to know if Kim Kardashian’s half-sister has offered all these other surgeries. Anyway, specialists think she spent between 30,000 and 2 million dollars with her cosmetic surgeon!

KYLIE JENNER © Agency – Bestimage

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