It’s not easy to raise a child in plain sight, and it’s not the Beckham couple who will say the opposite. Parents of four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Harper and Cruz, David and Victoria Bekham are, on social networks, the target of constant criticism about their choices as parents. In 2015, the British footballer was particularly targeted after being photographed in the company of his little Harper, then aged four, with a pacifier in his mouth. After an article in the Daily Mail, Internet users strongly criticized the British, judging that the little girl’s teeth could suffer from the neglect of her parents. Remarks that did not please the young dad, who defended himself on Instagram. “Why do people think they have the right to criticize a parent about their children without knowing anything?” He protested. “Everyone who has children knows that when they are not feeling well or have a fever, you have to do what reassures them and very often the pacifier helps us. So those who criticize should think a little more about this. they say because you have no right to criticize me as a parent …

The following year, Victoria Beckham came under criticism. After the publication of a photo in which she kissed Harper on the mouth, the singer was accused of inappropriate behavior with her offspring. She nevertheless received the support of many mothers, who pointed out that kissing her child on the mouth is considered by many to be a harmless gesture of affection. But the shaming parent doesn’t stop there for David Beckham’s wife. Two years later, in 2018, she was once again targeted by Internet users, after being photographed with her son Brooklyn on the edge of a swimming pool. Then aged 21, the young man sported numerous tattoos on his chest, ink markings that Victoria Beckham was accused of having allowed to do without framing her son.

Badly installed baby carrier, breastfeeding in public, “inappropriate” outfits …

And the Beckhams are far from the only ones to suffer the judgment of Internet users. In 2015, Black Lively posted a photo of her husband Ryan Reynolds carrying daughter James in a baby carrier. Immediately, Internet users criticized the young dad, judging that the baby was badly installed. Criticisms to which the main interested party was quick to respond, explaining with humility that all parents like him make mistakes. “I am a father for the first time and this is not the first mistake I made. And I can guarantee you that it will not be the last”, he admitted on the set of the show. Today. For her part, Mila Kunis suffered negative judgments from the crowd after she was seen breastfeeding her daughter Wyatt in public. She too responded to criticism, denouncing the sexualization of the female breast. “Why am I doing it in public? Because I have to feed my child. She’s hungry. Oh my god, it’s not a sexual act,” said Ashton Kutcher’s partner.

The list is still long. In 2016, the singer Coeur de Pirate came under heavy criticism after coming out “for her daughter”. “I was told that I was crazy, that I was a bad mother,” Romy’s mother told Vogue magazine. For her part, Kim Kardashian never ceases to be criticized for the education she gives to her daughter North West. The reality star has been criticized in particular for letting his daughter wear a bikini, put on makeup or even straighten her hair. Pink, she was criticized for cooking with her son Jameson Moon in a baby carrier, and Reese Witherspoon was accused of making too sweet breakfast for her children. Finally, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel suffered attacks over the appearance considered too feminine of their son Silas Randallest. So many criticisms that most stars choose to ignore, and with good reason. After all, everyone brings up their children as they see fit.

David Beckham and his daughter © Agence

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