Niece Waidhofer, an extremely well-known influencer on Instagram left behind her family and her 4.2 million followers. Among those millions of followers are people who share the same mental health concerns as Niece. The influencer is known to be particularly open about her struggles with her own mental health concerns. Niece Waidhofer was also trying to help people who are in the same situation as her. “She was very open with her followers about her struggles, and even wanted to help fans who were also hurting,” Niece’s family told TMZ.

TMZ reports on June 23 that Niece Waidhofer died by suicide. “Unfortunately, Niece took on a life of her own after a long battle with mental health issues,” the young woman’s family reported. She took her own life at the age of 31. TMZ also tells us that the young woman was found dead in her residence in Houston, Texas. A non-profit organization called “Peace from Niece” will be created in honor of the influencer according to her family. The organization will work in the area of ​​mental health awareness and provide grants for research on mental illness.

Niece Waidhofer had her fans worried weeks before her death

Niece Waidhofer had 4.2 million followers on Instagram. Some of her fans began to worry when the 31-year-old influencer deleted almost all of these photos from her Instagram account. She only left 3, says TMZ. This unusual act of the influencer took place a few weeks before her suicide. In May 2022, a concerned family member called the police to check on Niece at his Houston residence. This is where his lifeless body was discovered.

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