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Sporty mom Ashley Graham: she shares a natural snapshot after her intense session

Ashley Graham is a public figure who does not hesitate to use her social networks to share her daily life with her subscribers. In her Instagram story of Saturday January 16, the young mother wanted to show her intensive workout. Dressed in a white top and red leggings, we can first see her skipping rope. Masked because of the coronavirus pandemic, we can therefore imagine that this physical effort is not easy. A supposition confirmed with the following story since the model wanted to appear naturally. Mask down on her chin and without makeup, it is a woman whose face is soaked and red cheeks, that her subscribers have been able to discover. Regarding her last photo, it is her buttocks that she wanted to highlight. However, she did not write any captions on the three photos.

Unlike many celebrities who do not hesitate to post photos that are more perfect than the others, Ashley Graham uses her social networks to convey important messages and does not hesitate to appear naturally. The model regularly advocates the “body-positive” and notably publishes videos or photos on which she highlights what the company considers to be “flaws”. The latest? A video published this Saturday, January 16 in which she appears completely naked, cellulite and stretch marks visible. With it, she wanted to highlight her forms from several angles and did not hesitate to write in the caption: “I love myself. Not every day, but most of the time”. An initiative hailed by her subscribers who did not hesitate to let her know that she is “beautiful”, that they would like “to have her body” but also “to have as much confidence in me as you”. This is not the first time that she has published this kind of videos since last December 30, she shared a photo of herself in her underwear, holding her son in her arms. The adorable shot showed the stretch marks of the young woman, who wanted to show the whole world that “stretch marks are pretty”.

A “plus size model”

Long considered a “plus size model”, Ashley Graham revealed to Vogue Italia in December 2020 that she wanted us to stop assigning this label to her. “It is important that we have the opportunity to stand side by side on the podium, so that we can show our uniqueness. Only then can we one day hope to tear off that bulky label, and become women again,” individuals. And not just a size, ”she explained. She also said that: “For the fashion industry, we are all plus size, but the truth is, we are very different from each other, both physically and in terms of personality.” A very important message that she wanted to convey to remind people that it was unfair to judge women based on their physical appearance.

Ashley Graham © Instagram

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