To mark Rania of Jordan’s 52nd birthday, the Royal Court has shared three photos.
Rania from Jordan appears in three different outfits in the snaps.
Despite being in her fifties, the Queen of Jordan seems particularly young.

Passionate about fashion, Rania de Jordan knows how to juggle perfectly between traditional outfits faithful to her roots and more Western outfits. It is always with wonder that we discover the official photos that the Royal Hashemite Court shares. On August 31, the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan will celebrate her 52nd birthday. As a preview of the celebrations of this important event, the Royal Court has shared magnificent photos of Rania Al-Yassin. The shots of Rania from Jordan were taken on August 23, 2022 in Amman.

The three photos show Rania from Jordan in three different, particularly stylish outfits. In the first photo, the mother of Princess Iman, 25, and Crown Prince Hussein, 28, showed off in a red and black outfit. In the second photo, we can see her in a mustard yellow satin jumpsuit. Queen Rania of Jordan is a bit more relaxed in this outfit, as indicated by Gala magazine. In the third portrait, the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan, 59, adopts a slightly solemn pose while sketching a slight smile. Rania al-Abdallah from Jordan wears a typical oriental style navy blue dress.

Rania of Jordan: the beauty of the queen defies time

The wife of King Abdullah II looks stylish and majestic in the three official portraits of her 52nd birthday. But her outfits, as sublime as they are, are mostly supported by her untouched beauty. Mother of four children, Queen Rania of Jordan seems not to have aged a bit. And above all, the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan has kept a dream figure. However, two of his children, Princess Iman and Crown Prince Hussein will soon marry. Moreover, the Hashemite royal family unveiled sublime photos after the announcement of the engagement of the Crown Prince of Jordan. The latter will soon marry Rajwa Al-Saif, the daughter of a rich Saudi.

Splendid Rania of Jordan is 52 years old: magnificent official portraits unveiled

Queen Rania of Jordan © Dana Press

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