On Friday, May 27, gruesome snaps of a 15-year-old boy being stabbed to death were shared on Snapchat. A scene which took place near a canal bridge in Pendeford, Wolverhampton. Of course, the authorities intervened and a 16-year-old boy has already been arrested. He is notably suspected of murder. A 46-year-old woman was also apprehended by law enforcement. She is suspected of aiding the offender, reports The Sun.

West Midlands Police have been granted extra time to interview the boy suspected of murder. As for the woman, she was released pending a thorough investigation. On May 30, underwater searches were also undertaken by the police. Note that despite the intervention of paramedics, the victim succumbed to his injuries.

A video showing part of the scene is still circulating

The police in charge of this case are looking for a video of the incident which was allegedly shared on Snapchat. “We need to identify everyone who was present so we can talk to them about what happened,” a police spokesman said. “We also believe a video showing part of the incident was posted on Snapchat,” according to the insider.

“The video is critical to our investigation and we’re calling on anyone with a copy to send it, or let us know which accounts it was shared through,” the spokesperson added. In the statement, the police spokesperson also addressed the victim’s family. “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the boy whose life has been changed forever,” he said.

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