The Lucille Hultgren murder and rape case was the only old unsolved case in the town of Galt, California. The 79-year-old woman was found dead in her bedroom by two of her friends on May 23, 1988. The police investigation determined that the unfortunate woman had been raped, strangled and beaten with a knife in the chest . Note that at that time, Lucille Hultgren had been living alone since the death of her husband in 1987. Lucille Hultgren’s corpse was discovered only after two to five days after her death, according to the police.

At that time, the investigation did not identify a suspect. This is done now thanks to progress in DNA analysis. Indeed, the week of May 19, 2022, authorities announced that they had discovered the name of the murderer, explains CBS. This thanks to the tiny traces found under the fingernails of the victim. The victim must have scratched her attacker as she tried to defend herself. If it took a large amount of DNA to be able to establish a genetic profile before, now a very small amount is more than enough.

The culprit is a homeless man who died in 2011

Discovering the identity of the culprit was not difficult for the investigators. All they had to do was search through the police records. DNA found under Lucille Hultgren’s fingernails matched that of Terry Leroy Bramble! The latter was taken in 1992 when he was arrested for sexual assault.

Terry Leroy Bramble was 32 when he killed Lucille Hultgren and the motive for the murder remains a mystery. Terry Leroy Bramble was a homeless man who died of natural causes in 2011. He died under a highway overpass at age 55.

Sordid: the rape and murder of a granny solved more than thirty years after the events © Pexels

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