If it was April 17, 2022 that her body was discovered, it was not until May 5 that she was identified. The victim’s name is Flor Aidee Vega, and she was found dead wrapped in plastic and placed in a large moving box. The story took place in Texas, in Houston, where two residents of a building spotted a large box in the parking lot. From this box escaped an unpleasant odor which, coupled with the stained bottom, did not bode well for the two women who therefore decided to call the police. A very wise decision since in the box was the decomposing body of Flor Aidee Vega. If an autopsy will provide answers as to how she was killed, the police already have a good idea of ​​the circumstances surrounding her death but also of her killer.

Houston police say witnesses saw prime suspect Miguel Angel Moreno move the box with the body in from his own apartment to the parking lot. The 60-year-old man also appears on CCTV cameras which show him putting the box in which the victim’s body was in a trolley to better transport it. Arrested on April 19, Miguel Angel Moreno was first charged with concealment of evidence after claiming that someone had left the box at his home in his absence before being charged with murder. According to the results of her autopsy, Flor Aidee Vega was killed by a blunt object. The analyzes done on them also revealed that the victim had several fractures in the face where his bones had been broken and that she had been injured several times with an ax or a machete.

The connection between the alleged murderer and his victim is still unknown

In addition to CCTV that shows Miguel Angel Moreno moving the box in the parking lot where the body was found, law enforcement also made other discoveries at the suspect’s home. Drops of blood were found in the kitchen, bathroom and living room, and the same plastic that Flor Aidee Vega’s body was wrapped in was also found. For the moment, no link between the victim and the man in whom she was probably killed has been established. According to the New York Post, Miguel Angel Moreno already has a criminal record dating back to 1995. He has already been convicted of violence and traffic offenses.

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