Soprano is an artist who needs no introduction. It has been on the front of the stage for several years and it is very appreciated by its public. Like every artist, he sometimes has hard times and it is in complete transparency that he evoked the most complicated period of his life. In the event series Soprano: life and death, available this Wednesday, June 15 on Disney +, the rapper mentioned his suicide attempt. “I was in ‘Fuck the world’ mode, I was in ‘No one loves me’ mode, ‘I hate men, I hate women, I hate politics, I hate this job, I hate everything'”, he first told. When he was at his worst, Soprano remembered driving away from a friend’s home while his worried relatives were looking for him. “At the beginning, I rode a long time. I remember that I had stopped in places, I believe that I was crying”, he explained before adding: “I was upset. I remember that I hurt my hand from hitting the car.” Shocking secrets.

Facing the cameras, Soprano is very transparent. “I go to the outside of Marseille. I find a kind of small abandoned hotel, I go inside. I lie down and I think”, he explained before specifying: “I had bought a small pack of beers. But I never drank alcohol”. A purchase which, according to his words, could have “gave him the courage to do something stupid and break me from this rotten world”, he assures. As he drinks several, he remembers feeling ill. “I’m throwing up from the alcohol and my head is spinning. I think I’m going to die,” the rapper says before adding, “I had a moment of light. It’s sin in the religion to do this. I only remember when I woke up. I get my phone, I see 50 messages. Everyone is shouting at me”, he recalled before declaring that “full of disgust of the world and of life”, he however made the choice to go to the concert hall where he was to perform.

Soprano: how to overcome this difficult ordeal?

At worst, Soprano thought it was time to end it. While he manages to get on stage, his state of mind was completely different at the end of the concert. “I thought I was the messiah! And there, in my head, I have the click”, he affirmed before specifying: “How stupid I am! I say to myself: ‘Damn, I ‘have the best friends in the world, I have the best brothers and sisters in the world…'”. If everything is better for Soprano today, it is in particular because he was able to count on the support of Alexia, his wife with whom he had three children. “Right now, I’m the happiest man in the world. Because I have a family, friends… That’s what changed my life,” he concluded, more happy as ever.

Soprano © Bruno Bebert


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