In terms of fashion, Kate Middleton has always been a reference. But that has changed since she officially joined the royal family. If her clothing tastes are rather unanimous, the wife of Prince William owes nothing to chance: the stylist Natasha Archer took over the file by turning into a personal image consultant for the Princess of Wales. Irreplaceable for eight years now, the British stylist in her thirties is not ready to leave this important position. And she is careful not to shine in public.

Indeed, no one knows much about Natasha Archer. The latter has no Instagram account, makes no waves and gives even fewer interviews to international media. The British press still managed to get out a few lines on the birth of her two children, whom she had with her companion Chris Jackson, photographer for the Getty agency, affiliated for several years with the travels of the British royal family. In other words, she has the perfect profile for the job.

Natasha Archer is a woman as discreet as it is important for Kate Middleton

After starting to work with Kate Middleton in 2007 as a personal assistant, she saw the Duchess evolve in her relationship with Prince William. Follower of a sober style (slim low waist, fitted shirt and classic coat), Kate Middleton was put on the front of the stage in 2011, from the moment she married the prince. “Kate is not particularly elegant. There is little flair, little creativity, little originality in the way she dresses. She is not aimed at Anna Wintour, but rather at the editors and newspaper readers,” wrote fashion journalist Jess Cartner-Morley at the time.

Helped by Natasha Archer, Kate Middleton will then decide to change everything. And manages to make an impression as soon as she takes up her official position in 2014. Her assistance then convinces the Duchess to adopt a more royal style during her official tours with long hemlines, fitted cuts and a much more formal style than that adopted until there. A new look that has since evolved to be applauded by all. Yes, Natasha Archer is essential.

Sophisticated Kate Middleton: who is Natasha Archer, the woman behind her looks?

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