This Monday, June 27 is a very important date for the family of Sophie Le Tan. Disappeared on September 7, 2018, the day of her twentieth birthday, the student was allegedly brutally killed by a 62-year-old man: Jean-Marc Reisier. The trial of his alleged killer begins on Monday. As a reminder, the skeleton of the young woman was found on October 23, 2019 by a mushroom picker in a Strasbourg forest, hidden in a pit dug more than 50 centimeters deep.

And according to the newspaper Le Parisien, Jean-Marc Reisier had a totally strange attitude during the reconstruction of his murder. Alongside the medical examiner, the latter did not hide his satisfaction when imitating his actions during this bloody night. It is with a smile from ear to ear that he gave himself to the reconstitution, after having denied for several months to be involved in this affair could not be more sordid. During the reconstruction, he replayed the murder of Sophie Le Tan in chilling detail.

Jean-Marc Reiser’s trial began on Monday

As a reminder, Jean-Marc Reiser would have killed the student before dismembering her body using a hacksaw. All in less than thirty minutes. A “rather quick and uncomplicated” task in his own words. He had brought it into his nets after having published a rental advertisement for an apartment intended for students, which never existed. His trial, which therefore begins this Monday, June 27, will take place at the Assizes of Bas-Rhin, in Strasbourg, until next Tuesday.

Sophie Le Tan case © Screenshot


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