His trial opened on Monday, June 27, 2022. Jean-Marc Reiser is on trial for the murder of Sophie Le Tan, this young woman whose body was found dismembered in the forest in 2018. For this first day in court, the suspect’s sister was questioned. She confided in moments spent with her brother: “He could be impulsive”, she begins by declaring. “He sometimes freaked out,” she says. Our colleagues from Parisian, present during the hearing, then relate one of the memories narrated by the sister of Jean-Marc Reiser.

“Like that day in 1995 when, with their respective spouses, they go on vacation. Christiane wants to give a candy to Amandine, Jean-Marc’s only daughter. Joëlle, his companion, opposes it. The tone rises. Jean- Marc starts screaming, then ends up ‘chasing someone with a knife'”. Christiane also evokes the childhood of Jean-Marc Reiser, whom she describes as a “lonely brother”. According to her, he would have lived “under the thumb of an alcoholic father. Hubert, forest ranger by profession, fueled on average a liter of red wine a day. Regularly, he increased the doses, drunk to crawl or to burst the mustard pots on the wall”. Christiane explains on the other hand that he and his brother “were not beaten children”. On the other hand, she remembers very well an argument between her brother and her father: “They were hitting each other with their bare hands. They were screaming. My father was slapping him. They didn’t get along Jean-Marc and dad, because of the ‘alcohol”.

Jean-Marc Reiser had violent relations with his father

Terrible moments which the sister of Jean-Marc Reiser remembers perfectly: “In his court file, it is said that Jean-Marc, that day, brandished an ax against his father. He is interned in psychiatry. He’s only 14 years old. He’s sometimes nervous when he gets angry. He and his father, they hit each other a little, but not badly. The psychiatric house was to teach him politeness, not to hit on his father'”, can we read in the article of the Parisian.

First day of Jean-Marc Reiser’s trial © ELYxandro Cegarra


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