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Sophie from Wessex: why was she rushed to hospital in 2001

Married to Prince Edward since June 19, 1999, Sophie de Wessex is a fulfilled mother. Together, the couple indeed had two children, Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, born November 8, 2003 and James Mountbatten-Windsor, who pointed the tip of his nose on December 17, 2007. If the latter fill the duo with happiness, Sophie of Wessex had an ectopic pregnancy in 2001. When she had collapsed in pain in the Wessex mansion near Windsor, she was then flown by helicopter to the King Edward VII in London to to undergo an operation led by the queen’s doctor.

If Sophie of Wessex experienced a tragedy, Prince Edward and Elizabeth II did not know she was pregnant. However, the latter would absolutely not blame her stepdaughter. Indeed, the wife of Prince Philip has forged over the years a very strong bond with Sophie of Wessex, who has thus become her favorite daughter-in-law! Thursday, September 3, 2020, it is almost twenty years after her ectopic pregnancy which could have cost her her life that the wife of Prince Andrew went to meet the rescuers of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance in order to thank personnel teams tasked with rescuing people in vital distress.

A difficult second pregnancy

Two years after this ordeal, Sophie from Wessex became pregnant again. Alas, the pretty blonde had a difficult pregnancy and was close to death giving birth to her baby girl. It was after losing a lot of blood that the young woman had to undergo emergency surgery one month before term. Premature, Lady Louise spent the first two weeks of her life in intensive care. A blow to the new mother, as a friend explained to the British magazine Daily Mail: “It was totally traumatic, and in some ways Sophie never got over it. It completely reshaped her character and has affected her relationship with her children. ” Despite the difficulties, Sophie from Wessex wanted to give her daughter a little brother or sister. While she had given birth to James four years later, Prince Edward qualified her delivery as “much calmer than the last time.”

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