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Sophie from Wessex: this very surprising video posted by the royal family

A major asset to the British monarchy, Sophie de Wessex is ready to make any effort for her commitments and does not hesitate to get her hands dirty. The proof: this Thursday, November 12, the royal family of England published a surprising video of the countess on her Instagram account in which she lends herself, precisely, to the exercise of pastry. For this challenge that she took up as part of the Act Your Age campaign – launched by the association of which she is president called Girl Guiding – the wife of Prince Edward of Wessex therefore engaged in the making of scones, a specialty Scottish, which the British are particularly fond of, with bacon and cheese.

In the video revealed on the Web by the Windsor-Mountbatten clan, Sophie from Wessex appears at work in her kitchen, dressed in a blue and floral outfit as well as a white apron. “I’m going to make bacon and cheese scones, which is great when you’re 10. But I’m not 10,” she said humorously. Reference to the name of his campaign which can literally be translated as: “act according to your age.” “I will do them because they are not going to be done on their own!” And it must be said that the 55-year-old countess knows how to do it since the result is convincing. In total, Her Majesty Elizabeth II’s favorite daughter-in-law made 55 scones. “They smell good, I hope they taste that good,” she said, still from her kitchen.

A loving mother

If she is involved in her royal duties, Sophie of Wessex is just as involved with her children, Louise and James Mountbatten-Windsor. But like all moms, Sophie Rhys-Jones of her maiden name is sometimes plagued by doubts. “I would like to think that I am a loving mother without being too domineering,” she said in an interview with British magazine Good Housekeeping. And to continue lucidly: “I am not an expert, I am still learning but, as a parent, when do you stop learning?”

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