A blunder for Joe Biden. While he has been in the White House for a year, it is time to take stock for Donald Trump’s successor, who looked back on his first year as President of the United States during a round table. Faced with journalists, he answered questions, in particular concerning his plummeting popularity rating, while inflation is seriously affecting the country and has reached an unprecedented level in 40 years. A terrible observation less than ten months before the mid-term elections, which promise to be particularly complicated for the Democrats and Joe Biden, visibly sensitive to the question.

Asked by a journalist from Fox News, the channel favorite of the conservatives, on the possibility that inflation constitutes a political handicap, the President of the United States began by answering ironically: “It is a great asset. No more inflation “, before letting go of a”stupid of son of a bitch” against the journalist. Thinking his microphone cut, or not, Joe Biden thus released this famous “what a stupid son of a bitch”, which was then transcribed in the report of the evening. Visibly embarrassed in hindsight, the president then called the insulted journalist to assure him that there was “nothing personal” in his remarks.

The President of the United States just called Peter Doocy “a stupid son-of-a-bitch.” pic.twitter.com/rQQo3n1IZ7

— Townhall.com (@townhallcom) January 24, 2022

How many days off did Joe Biden take?

Words which however unleashed passions on the set of Fox News, a channel which does not particularly carry Joe Biden in its heart and does not fail to tackle the president at the first opportunity. No doubt especially when it comes to pinning him for his number of days off in just eleven months, as reported by the JDD last December. Our colleagues then cited a count, showing that Joe Biden has accumulated a total of 89 days off after spending his thirtieth weekend at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, and therefore far from Washington. If this figure appeals so much it is because it exceeds that of its two most recent predecessors. While Donald Trump granted himself 75 days off, Barack Obama only had eight, a year after his first election.

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