The Calipso agricultural cooperative, located on the Crécy-en-Ponthieu site in the Somme department, was the scene of a terrible tragedy on Tuesday August 2, 2022. As Le Courrier Picard reported that day, a man 50-year-old died at his workplace shortly before 4 p.m. In fact, the unfortunate victim was working around a silo full of grain. At this precise moment, the door jammed, while the agricultural worker found himself crushed by the contents of the silo, ie 6,500 tonnes of grain.

In fact, the victim was buried before being wedged between the door and the wall under the pressure of the grain. The employee of the agricultural cooperative was already dead when help arrived. Present at the scene of the incident at the time, two of his colleagues narrowly avoided a similar fate, since they managed to get out of the silo in time. Injured and traumatized by these tragic events, the two workers, aged 59 and 48 respectively, were taken care of by the firefighters and transported to the hospital in Abbeville. In addition, the entire staff of the agricultural cooperative was particularly shocked by this tragedy.

Drama in an agricultural cooperative in the Somme: the scientific police dispatched to the scene of the incident

Firefighters from the Crécy-en-Ponthieu and Rue barracks, as well as the brigade specializing in clearing rescue, were dispatched to the scene of the tragedy. In all, about twenty sappers went to the scene, but could only see the death of the 50-year-old employee. An investigation was subsequently opened to determine the exact circumstances of the incident. As such, the scientific team of the gendarmerie moved to the scene of the tragedy. In particular, she will have to find out the reason for the malfunction of the silo door.

Somme: his uneventful working day ends tragically under thousands of tons of grain

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