Solange Knowles: Beyoncé’s sister says she fought to stay alive in 2018

For many years now, more and more celebrities have confided in their mental health. As she took to her Instagram account to celebrate the second anniversary of her album When I Cet Home, Solange Knowles was honest with her fans by revealing that she fought to stay alive in 2018. She explained, “When I started creating When I Get Home, I was literally fighting for my life … in and out of hospitals with declining health and broken minds asking God to send me a sign not only to survive, but that if he let me make it out alive, I would step into the light whatever that meant. He started talking to me. Half the time, I didn’t know where it was coming from. I only knew I had to open the door and honor him. “

In all transparency, Beyoncé’s sister explained, “When I listen to the album again, I hear a woman who had only one idea of ​​what the trip involved, but who didn’t know why or why. what the journey would be like. This project showed me that once you open that door you can’t go back. Believe me, I tried to say, ‘No, I’m just playing ‘so many times. I’m not a big fan of talking about things that I don’t know yet. I didn’t talk much during that time because of that. ” While she was unwilling to say more about her depression, the 34-year-old singer revealed, “Sometimes I ask myself the same question in more than one way. Sometimes it takes me years. I have to honor this time (. ..) Someday I will tell you about the days that I have passed since I opened this door. The things that I discovered. The lifelong healing that I started. The great joy and the divine love that I experienced. The stories of my past that I survived and that I had stored in my body … Until he said … Stop! (…) This album led me to all of this. ” Finally, Solange Knowles shared, “I’m so grateful that you allow me to walk away and take time. So so grateful.”

“They allowed me to stand”

In 2020, it was then that she received an award for her album that the star had confided on stage: “My mother helped me to be less afraid during those days and brought me home. She is came every day for a few weeks to cook me okra, brown rice and cornbread with her little prayer book. My beautiful hometown and Third Ward Houston kept me standing … My dear friends, who are all here tonight. They have raised me so high with so much love and so much hope. “

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