Lourdes couldn’t even climb the stairs! Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon arrives at the Marc Jacobs show moments after kickoff. The doors were closed and no one was able to enter, not even the 26-year-old girl, daughter of Madonna and especially the face of Marc Jacobs in 2021. The humiliating video of Lourdes’ arrival at the scene which was posted by @mickmicknyc on TikTok has gone viral. Madonna’s daughter is seen arriving with her attendant and heading to the entrance of the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan.

Two security agents bar their access and explain to them that the door is closed and that no one can enter. Embarrassed, Madonna’s daughter hides her face a little while her companion tries to negotiate with the agents. But nothing helps! Fans waiting outside also tried to intervene, wanting to help Lourdes who was being snubbed at a major fashion event. Madonna’s daughter who also dressed especially for this event.

Lourdes: Madonna’s daughter nevertheless winked at Marc Jacobs

A fan shouted to the guards: “Let her in, she’s a real doll!”. Another fan tried to remind the guards who they were humiliating in public at the entrance to the parade. “But do you know who it is or what?” he shouted. Unfortunately, even though Lourdes, Madonna’s eldest, accessorized her all-denim outfit with a Heaven by Marc Jacobs handbag, also in denim, she was unable to attend the show. At the show that night, celebrity guests like Ratajkowski, Nicky Hilton Rothschild and Ashley Graham were in attendance.

Snubbed! Lourdes, Madonna's daughter, breaks her teeth at the entrance to a prestigious fashion show

Lourdes Leon © STARMAX

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