The facts date back to April 2019. At the time, a father waited for help for two hours when his wife called them three times. Very ill following an umbilical hernia, the 51-year-old man also had difficulty breathing and dizziness. When they arrived on the scene, the paramedics simply advised him to take medication. According to the confidences of his wife to HullLive, their behavior changed when she clarified that her husband suffered from sarcoidosis of the liver, a disease caused by an addiction to alcohol. “I can’t believe I lost my husband and my three daughters lost their father – just because paramedics didn’t do their job.”

For the mother, there is no doubt that the paramedics looked down on her husband because of his problems with the drink: “The way they treated him was disgusting. I think they only saw an alcoholic. They stole his life, his chance to walk his daughters down the aisle and meet his first grandchildren. He had his problems with alcohol but he knew it and it had been a month since he had stopped using it.” At the time of the events, the 50-year-old lifted his t-shirt to show his hernia but the medical team told him to stay at home and not to worry: “I insisted that he go to the hospital . I regret that I didn’t force it, and that I didn’t take it myself.”

Negligence towards the father recognized

The morning of his death, the 51-year-old man had a heavy fall while getting out of bed. “When I touched his skin, he was very cold. Looking back on it, I tell myself that his body was going out” confessed the wife, who is terribly sorry for not having avoided this drama. In front of her children, the mother of the family then tried to resuscitate her husband, who had passed out. Unfortunately, the death was pronounced a few hours later. The justice recognized that there had been negligence on the part of the paramedics. The forties would certainly have survived if he had undergone an operation. The Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust admitted its mistake and said lessons had been learned from the tragedy.



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