They were a famous duo in the 80s. Peter and Sloane ignited their concerts with their memorable hits. But last April, the singer revealed that she had been in a relationship with the man named Jean-Pierre Savelli. With him, she would have lived a real hell. Denouncing his behavior as a “narcissistic pervert”, she said: “One day in Nice, he headbutted me between the two eyes and I had black eyes for fifteen days. Michel Leeb’s tour”. Charges that the principal concerned will deny en bloc.

But it takes more to discourage Sloane. Indeed, this Thursday, January 12, 2023, the singer returned to these accusations. And for her, the fact that Peter isn’t suing for defamation is proof that she’s telling the truth. “He knows it’s true. He can’t stand in court, he knows that, he knows I have witnesses,” she said confidently. The tension is so strong between the two former sidekicks that Sloane no longer wants to see Peter. “In another life maybe, but not in this one, that’s for sure,” she said of Jordan de Luxe. “It would be so impossible in my head. The only thing that could happen is that we make a third Stars 80 film and that Thomas (note: Langmann) calls us back. There, I will, because when we have shot the movies, we didn’t talk to each other.”

Sloane’s Shock Confidences

According to his words, Peter was a real monster. “I lost weight, weight loss, weight loss. I got pregnant without knowing it. One day at the hotel, while we were sleeping together, I had a miscarriage and he left me to die at night. The next morning as I was half dead, he took me to the hospital in Cannes, he threw me in the emergency room and he said: ‘Take me this package, I’m sick of it'”

Sloane abused by Peter: this indirect evidence put forward by the singer


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