Slimane couldn’t be happier! A few weeks ago, the singer became a father for the very first time, of a little girl born prematurely. Very worried for his baby, he preferred to silence this birth at first. Before speaking, very moved, to explain that his “princess” was still hospitalized and that he was going to see her as much as possible. And this Wednesday, February 2, Slimane celebrated a big event: the first month of birth of his first child! In Instagram story, the singer shared an adorable video in which we see the hand of his baby and where we hear him singing “Happy birthday, happy birthday my daughter”.

In story, Slimane then posted several photos of a cupcake on which he planted a candle, that of the first month of his daughter’s life. A new publication that struck a chord with its subscribers. A few days ago, they were able to see the singer’s child in a moving first photo. “If you knew how I love her. Your little heart behind. And if you are in pain, you will find thousands of I love you in my arms”, he wrote in the caption of this adorable first photo of his daughter, whose first name he did not want to reveal. As a reminder, Slimane announced the birth of his child in a long video published on January 27: “I am both very happy to announce what I am going to announce to you, because I am living the most beautiful moment of my life. . And at the same time, I’m very sad, because I didn’t think to announce it to you like that”.

Slimane: “It will remain the most beautiful moment of my life”

He then explained that his daughter was hospitalized, since born premature. “I’ve been worrying about her for a month, she’s having trouble breathing sometimes, she’s having trouble eating too. I’ve been praying every day for a month for her to get better and so that I can quickly introduce her to all the people who already love her, my family, my friends”, confided Slimane, with tears in his eyes and his throat tight with emotion. Worried for his daughter, the singer is especially thrilled to have become a father. “I’m a dad, I’m happy, she’s fine, she’s better, added the singer. It will remain the most beautiful moment of my life, I’m a dad, I hope I’ll be the best of dads and I’ll do everything to being.”

Slimane © Gaffiot-Moreau

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