Sleepwalker or manipulator? Teen savagely kills his twin sister in the middle of the night

Benjamin and Meghan Elliott are both 17 years old. The two twin siblings live together at the family home in Harris County, Texas (USA). But on the night of Tuesday 28 to Wednesday 29 September, their life changed forever. When help arrives home, it is already too late. Meghan is found dead on the spot.

Benjamin is trying to revive his sister when help arrives. It was he himself who alerted them very early in the morning. The teenager says he woke up in his sister’s room between 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. that day. In front of him, Meghan is bleeding. The young woman received several stab wounds in the neck. Benjamin removes the gun and immediately calls the emergency room, putting pressure on the wound with a pillow. He tries to revive his twin sister until help arrives, to no avail.

Twin brother charged and jailed for murder

Benjamin was arrested and jailed for murder, on bail set at $ 100,000 as CBS reports. In court the day after the tragedy, his lawyers said he had never suffered from sleep disturbances and had never taken drugs or alcohol. For their part, the neighbors of the family assured to have already seen the twins outside and that they seemed to get along well. “I was really shocked when the news broke,” says a neighbor.

But then what really happened that night? Was Benjamin really the victim of sleepwalking? Could he really have committed such an act while sleeping? Or is he manipulating the investigators to get by? Only justice can decide with the help of the police. For the time being, Benjamin is being held in a mental health unit.

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