What are the dating standards? A new trend is emerging: the low-key date. Translation ? Cool date nights, organized without hassle and without fuss. No more big parties, restaurant-cinemas to impress. Today, a drink at the bar, a stroll or a takeaway are increasingly popular options. The reason ? Of course, inflation and the cost of living have something to do with it…

Indeed, going out is expensive, so multiply the dates, it also has a cost that can quickly increase the bill at the end of the month! Especially if you decide to invite the coveted person. The numbers bear this out: a survey conducted by the dating app The Inner Circle relayed by Femina reveals that 41% of single people tend to become “more picky about where they go and what they do on dates you” due to economic conditions.

Cook at home OR eat out

Thus, more and more young people prefer to cook a dinner at home rather than a restaurant for the first meeting: 23% of 18-34 year olds questioned by The Inner Circle, which advocates “quality rather than the quantity”, very exactly.

What are the advantages of a low-key date? The absence of financial pressure, first of all. But also a simpler, sincere, friendly approach, which makes it possible to identify the other beyond certain artifices or details of the famous “date”. And you, which side are you on?

Singles: what is the low-key date trend?

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Maria T.
Maria T.

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