If you are a victim of groundhogging, since it is a practice that is done almost without knowing it, you risk remaining single indefinitely. And for good reason, groundhogging has this perverse tendency to repeat itself constantly. We have to end the movie Groundhog Day, according to Grazia. Phil. The film’s main character, played by Bill Murray, wakes up every morning to relive the same day. This is what your celibate situation is exposed to if you are the victim of groundhogging in spite of yourself. Groundhogging prevents singles from building a stable relationship because they set the bar too high and very often end up being disappointed.

The problem is not to find the ideal person. By looking for a specific type of man or woman with very specific criteria on dating applications, you can end up finding him or her. Moreover, according to the dating application Inner Circle, cited by Grazia, three out of four singles would be followers of this practice. On the other hand, dates very rarely end in a serious relationship, because by dint of being too demanding, these people always end up being disappointed.

We must stop looking for the ideal profile

Brown hair, 1m75, thin waist… sticking to too specific criteria associated with the ideal man or woman blocks the luck of those who practice groundhogging. The fact is that after being disappointed with the person who met these criteria, you tend to always fall back on the same types of people. Since they are the same criteria, there is a very high chance of being disappointed again after realizing that the ideal man or the ideal woman is not so compatible with you. The situation repeats itself…like the days of Phil from Groundhog Day.

Singles: what is groundhogging, which prevents you from finding a partner?

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