The end of a beautiful love story … After seven years of love, Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner have made the choice to separate. According to The Sun, the actress and David Beckham’s best friend have been living apart since last March. Thus, the latter would have remained in London while her ex would have returned to Los Angeles. However, for the sake of their children, they reportedly decided to stay on good terms and even went on vacation together last summer! A source explained: “Dave and Liv spent the entire first lockdown together and make a great team as parents. But unfortunately they’ve drifted apart, more and more, and they’re living separate lives. The two wanted to each other. focus on their careers – as an actress and producer, and Dave was running his business and working on David’s Inter Miami football project. “

The source added: “They officially broke up in March, but they remained silent in order to minimize the hassle and to make sure their children were okay.” The newspaper then reported that Dave Gardner confided in his best friend, David Beckham, who has been “a rock” during this difficult time and that the whole family have been supportive throughout the process. While the two stars were not married, it is in the columns of Tatler magazine that Liv Tyler had confided in 2019: “I like to be engaged, but I do not really want to get married (… ) I’ve always thought marriage shouldn’t be seen as a reward … Or as something to keep a relationship going … I think everyone sees it the wrong way. “

Liv Tyler: “We care deeply about our family”

While she loves having her freedom, it was in 2016 that the actress revealed to E! News: “What works so well in our relationship is that we both work a lot. We love adventure and our jobs are very interesting and very different. We are fulfilled professionally, and next to that, we are deeply attached to our family. “

Dave Gardner and Liv Tyler © Agency

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