Single Katie Holmes: it’s over with Emilio Vitolo

It has been over a month since the couple Holmes and Vitolo were seen together. The actress, Katie Holmes, is working on a still untitled romantic film in Connecticut now. A spokesperson for the 42-year-old actress told Us Weekly that “the couple separated amicably, but remain friends.” “Their relationship didn’t last long. They realized they were better off as friends. There was no drama that happened during the break-up and in fact, they stayed. friends “, still according to the source.

The source also said the separation took place around two weeks ago. She says Katie and Emilio each enjoyed the time they spent together. “It just didn’t work out. She’s focusing on her role as a mom and her upcoming projects,” she continues.

“Different rhythms of life”

The couple Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo formed in September 2020. The two were pictured in New York. The relationship quickly evolved to become serious afterwards. The couple made the relationship official on Instagram on Katie Holmes’ birthday in December. This is Katie’s most serious relationship since her split from Jamie Foxx in 2016.

Last April, Us Weekly reported some distance between Katie and Emilio. A distance which allowed the couple to discover that their common lifestyle was not suitable for a married life. “He works in New York in the restaurant business and she’s obviously a very busy actress who just took a break for a shoot,” a source at Us Weekly.

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo © The ImageDirect

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