This Saturday, January 8, Sinead O’Connor announced the unthinkable on his Twitter account: his son Shane, 17, committed suicide. “My beautiful child, Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the light of my life, has decided to end his battle today and he is now with God. May he rest in peace and no one follow his example . My baby. I love you so much. I hope you finally found peace, “the singer wrote. The young man escaped from a medical establishment on January 6, where he was being followed for suicidal attacks. The day after the tragedy, Sinead O’Connor seized his Twitter account to blame the medical services and the State of Ireland, accusing them of having “failed” with his son before adding: “Do you imagine not that I am not aware that I, too, have failed in my duty to my child. ” Going back against the establishment in which Shane was followed, Sinead O’Connor explains, among other things, that his son “learned to make the noose with which he hanged himself” by doing research on “a computer at the center where he was treated for his psychosis “. She adds that a month earlier, Shane had been allowed to leave the center (before returning there a few days ago, editor’s note) despite notes indicating the organization of his funeral. “They said he had no plan for a funeral,” Sinead O’Connor reveals. “When the adult present with him made a remark about it, he was told that” planning a funeral was like planning a wedding. “Shortcomings that the singer highlighted in a series of tweets, before threaten the center with legal attack.

– Sinead The 1 And Only (@OhSineady) January 8, 2022

Sinead O’Connor: the singer goes back on the Web

Finally, on January 10, Sinead O’Connor returned to his angry tweets – which now appear to have disappeared – apologizing against the medical center. “Ok, I’ll do the right thing here and apologize for my outburst. Tusla works with very limited resources. They loved Shane. They’re heartbroken. They’re human. I’m sorry I upset them. We are a third world country. It is not their fault, “said the singer before communicating information on the funeral, scheduled for Thursday, January 13. “Shane was a Hindu. So only his mother and father will attend the funeral. This was also the wish expressed by Shane in his suicide notes. If you want to send something to the Loughlinstown Hospital Mortuary, please send flowers or Hindu items “.

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