His chances of winning a new Olympic medal are slowly disappearing. After a first event at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with her national team, Simone Biles announced her intention to withdraw from several events in the world competition, in order to focus on her sanity and overcome “her demons”. A disturbing announcement from the 24-year-old multi-gold medalist and supported by Justin Bieber gymnast, which some attributed to her trauma of being sexually abused for several years by Larry Nassar, a former doctor at the US national gymnastics team.

If she remains qualified for four finals which must be held next week (beam, floor, bars, jump), Simone Biles could also give up there, she who confided to be in difficulty “literally on each apparatus”. In addition to her psychological torments, the 24-year-old young woman spoke of a loss of landmarks in space, what gymnasts call “loss of figure”, which can be reinforced or caused by stress and above all endanger an athlete. Which gave her a little scare during her first ordeal, where she felt something was wrong when she realized that she “had no idea where [she was] in. the airs, ”People reports.

Could Simone Biles have hurt herself?

“Seriously, I don’t understand how to do twists. Weirdest, weirdest feeling. It’s honestly petrifying to try to make a move but not having mind and body in sync,” a- she thus confided, specifying that she could have “hurt herself” during this ordeal because of it. A major problem for Simone Biles, which she attributes in particular to her more psychological problems, attacking her detractors in the process. “To those who say I’m giving up. I’m not giving up, my mind and body just aren’t in sync, as you can see here,” she insisted, adding, “I don’t think you realize how dangerous it is on hard surfaces, or why I put health first. Physical health is mental health. “

Simone Biles © Imago

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