Simon Nellist, 35, was attacked and killed by a great white shark over 4.5 meters on Wednesday February 16. Lover and protector of maritime wildlife, this former RAF hero is a regular in the area. This attack took place just 150 meters from the beach at Buchan Point, near Sydney’s Little Bay, according to The Sun. The British hero was set to marry “the woman of his dreams”, Jessie Ho, according to Seven News. “He and Jessie were due to get married last year but it was postponed due to Covid,” a close friend of Simon Nellist told Seven News. “Simon was amazing. That’s all there is to it. He was just the best,” his friend continued.

According to the statements of Simon’s friend, he had fallen in love with Australia after his trip 6 years ago. He also explained that Simon Nellist was an experienced swimmer who “really knows the water”. “He was into the wild and knew exactly what he was doing. He wasn’t dumb,” his friend said. The RAF hero was against netting and drumlines, used to keep sharks away from swimmers. According to him, these nets and these huge hooks do not protect anyone, and that they “kill all kinds of marine life every year”.

Simon was diving and swimming with sharks

In a post for divers in Sydney, Simon shared a video of himself swimming alongside 10 sharks. His friend also said that Simon “loved the sea and called for a ban on shark nets, and swam with the huge beasts before he died”. According to The Sun, witnesses said they heard Simon screaming for help. Expert Lawrence Chlebeck thinks the shark probably mistook the swimmer – who was wearing a wetsuit – for a seal. There has been no fatal shark attack in Sydney since 1963 after the case of Marcia Hathaway, a well-known local actress. This one was attacked just 6 meters from the shore of Sugarloaf Bay.

Simon Nellist © Scubathlon Facebook

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