Simon Baker is (already) no longer a heart to take. Indeed, the former star of the Mentalist series, who announced her divorce in January 2021 from Rebecca Rigg, is now proudly displayed on the arm of designer Laura May Gibbs. A few days ago, in March 2021, the 51-year-old Australian comedian was spotted on a beach with the new woman in his life (36) having a good time in the sun and the surf. She is the founder of a lifestyle brand.

But that’s not all because the lovebirds have also made a first “official” couple appearance in recent days in Australia. On the occasion of the release of his film entitled High Ground (inspired by a true story relating the massacre of an indigenous tribe), the actor accompanied by Laura May Gibbs went to Yrrkala, to visit a small aboriginal community. On site, the lovers took the time to take the time to take a few photos with the locals. Images from this trip were then shared on Facebook. Happiness and complicity seemed once again to meet between them.

Simon Baker and Rebecca Rigg were separated eight months before their divorce was announced

As a reminder, Simon Baker had unveiled his separation with Rebacca Rigg only a few weeks ago to the general public but had explained in passing that their breakup actually dated from April 2020. The exes had been together for 29 years and had said yes 21 years ago. Together, they had three children: Stella (27), Claude (22) and Harry (19). In a statement, they said “remain good friends”. A gentle divorce, therefore, conducive to the start of a new relationship.

Simon Baker © CBS

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