Sia: the singer reveals the underside of the adoption of her two sons

A successful singer, Sia made one of her biggest dreams come true by becoming a mother in 2019! After trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization without success, it was at 44 years old that the star experienced the joys of motherhood by adopting two 18-year-old teenagers. It was in 2016, after taking time for herself following her divorce that the singer watched a documentary on the American adoption system. A revelation ! In an interview with InStyle, Sia recalled, “I learned a story from a 16-year-old boy and instantly fell in love with him. Older children really have a hard time getting adopted, and when I saw him I was like, ‘He’s my son.’ “The singer continued,” I knew I wanted to help him. By the time I found him he was 18 years old. and he was out of the adoption system. I told him I wanted to adopt him, and since he was an adult, he left with me that day. “

Although she was only planning to adopt one child, Chandelier’s interpreter returned home with two teenagers. “The only thing he asked was if he could also bring his cousin Che, who had lived with him in a hostel. I had two spare rooms, so I said, ‘Of course!’ And although I had never met Che before, he also moved in with me that night. Later I found out that they weren’t really cousins, just friends. But I didn’t care. Didn’t really care, “Sia revealed, before adding,” I felt so blessed to have them both with me … and I realized over the last year that Che was meant to be my too. son.”

A new life for teens

Moved, Sia continued by explaining that she had to teach everything to her sons, who had lived in special conditions: “The day they came home with me, Maddie Ziegler was present, and as she is like my daughter , we all had our first family dinner together. Sitting at the table my sons said, ‘Are we allowed to use knives here?’ As a foster home they hadn’t been allowed to use a metal knife to eat in years. And they never really ate a vegetable either. I made them sit that day and Said to them, ‘What happened to you in your life was wrong. It should never have happened. But my job now is to protect you and we will go through it all together.’ Both of my boys had tears in their eyes, and from that moment on I knew it was my duty to be the best mother I could be to them. “

To conclude, Sia let it be known that she was doing everything to ensure that her two sons succeed in life and catch up: “The whole system is so underfunded and understaffed that there is no enough people to really watch the way the kids are taken care of. And now my sons really want to be a part of this change, so I’m trying to give them the resources to do it. ” Finally, she added: “Most of their lives they have been conditioned to lie and manipulate, so the last year has been devoted to teaching them how to be rigorously honest and live in the moment without using substances ( …) There was a lot of loss of confidence, then a lot of confidence regained. But I trust them both. And I’m proud because they’ve come a very long way. “

Sia © © ACE Pictures / KCS

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