Spring is well and truly back and you are already dreaming of summer holidays? Your salary has just fallen and you find yourself dreaming of shopping? We invite you to discover some tips for making purchases online, without breaking the bank.

Cashback, to recover money

When shopping online, it is not uncommon for the bank card to heat up. So to recover some money, the trick is to use cashback. It is a sort of virtual loyalty card that allows you to accumulate money over purchases. Once they are made, a percentage of the sum is paid into the cashback account. The amount will depend on the site on which the transaction was made. As the kitty is formed, the consumer will have the possibility to cash it, according to his will. Saving on the Internet thanks to the iGraal cashback, for example, is therefore quite possible. And the trick to know is this: this system works on private sales sites. Registered persons then have the opportunity to benefit from reductions on clothing, but also on travel or food. However, cashback is not the only option available.

Take advantage of end of season offers

Another solution is to take advantage of end-of-season offers. If you can’t replenish your wardrobe for the summer season, you’ll save a lot of money and have new clothes for next winter, for example. A technique that works for many items, such as ski equipment, pants or sweaters. And while you might not be on the cutting edge, you’ll still have some money saved, which you can invest or spend elsewhere. In addition, it should not be forgotten that a new season begins approximately two months before the official change in the calendar. It is therefore likely that you will be able to wear a minimum of your clothes, unless you go to end-of-season clearance sales and flea markets in winter sports resorts. We can also wonder why wait for end-of-season offers when we can take advantage of discounts at La Redoute through iGraal or by buying second-hand, via specialized applications and sites.

Buy second hand

The trick that has won over many fashion followers is buying second-hand, through apps or platforms. The advantage is that you will be able to take advantage of branded clothing, while benefiting from discounted prices and an optimized customer experience. At your level, you will also contribute to reducing the production of clothes and favoring short circuits. It is therefore also a way of acting for the planet, on its scale. And if you are afraid of indulging in too many clothes, the trick is to make a list before you start shopping online. You will have better control of your budget at the same time.

Lara T.
Lara T.

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